What Our Customers Say ...

"...an orthopedically impeccable snoozing experience..."

SAIL Magazine 2/2006


My wife recently purchased the Froli system for the main cabin ... and I wanted to write to say that it is the best improvement we have ever made to the boat. It happens that we are in the process of upgrading many of the boat's systems, including complete battery and charger replacement, new water pumps, several electrical and electronics upgrades, and the Froli has made the most difference in the whole process...

Patrick O. - Whitby 42


We have slept for a week now on the Frolis in the V-berth, and are extremely happy with them. The feeling of "sleeping on a rock" is completely gone--the 3" cushion in the V-berth feels (and sleeps) like a real mattress.

Bob C. - Pacific Seacraft 40


Love your system! I was going to buy a new mattress. Instead I tried your Froli system. Same old bunk cushions, and they feel like a bed! Incredible difference! And much more convenient. Not to mention a lot cheaper than a full mattress every four years.

Ray J. - Columbia 50


I have never written an endorsement letter before but really want to let you know how pleased we are with your product. I ordered the Froli system because you offered a 30 day money back guarantee and figured I did not have anything to loose by trying it. I opened the boxes carefully and stored them in my car, for the weekend, in case I decided to send the product back. After a weekend of sleeping on the bunk with the Froli system, I threw the boxes out. Your product works incredibly well and more than meets all of the claims you make for it. I have already recommended it to several friends.

John L. - Tayana 37 PH


I installed the system, and it is very comfortable-New problem- I don't want to get out of my bunk in the morning!

Mike B.


The mattress that is there had become very hard and also had a moisture issue underneath … the entire installation took us about an hour. After 2 nights we readjusted the tension elements on ½ of the system to accommodate the different weight displacements. Kind of like a sleep number bed ... the moisture issue under the mattress has been completely eliminated. We now are enjoying a great night's sleep thanks to your FROLI system.

Jim S. - Pacific Seacraft 44'


We have installed the Froli system on our boat and Linda now wakes up without the aching back and hips that she was suffering from. Thank you!

Brad C. - Bavaria


It was great meeting you and your husband at the Miami Boat Show and seeing the Froli in real life. We are very, very happy with it. It has changed our old cushion into a wonderful mattress. H. has it set a little harder for himself and a little softer for me. It's perfect!

Susi K. - CSY 44 PH


I was very pleasantly surprised how comfortable it made the old foam cushion. I am also very pleased that it is very easy to access the storage space under the bunk...just peel back the Froli with the cushion.

John S. - Pearson 424


We just moved aboard and having the system installed makes a huge difference. We love it!

Christine R.


I installed the system you sent for the quarter berth on our 31' sailboat and promptly left on a 3-1/2 month cruise up the inside passage to Alaska and back. We just returned. If you ever need a testimonial for the Froli product you can count on me. It made an enormous difference in the comfort of my berth, one which would probably not be apparent to anyone who is primarily a weekend sailor. On the entire cruise we only spent 3 nights off the boat, and I was as comfortable as I am at home… My wife, who had declined to use such a system, is now a believer.

Richard W. - Pacific Seacraft 31 "Westward"


Just installed your system on the boat this weekend, both my wife and I have never slept better even in our home bed. Great product, no more sore shoulders and back. Thanks.

John R. - Beneteau 351


I met you at the Newport Boat show, after previously corresponding by email. I bought the package for my 33 foot Pearson sailboat vee berth. It fit perfectly, with one quare left over! Improved comfort from day one! Thanks for everything...

Paul U. - Pearson 33


We installed the Froli system a couple of weeks ago and have now slept on it a total of 3 times...So far it is FABULOUS and a huge improvement over the same foam cushions on top of bare wood...We even removed the slab of memory foam we had been using on top of the cushions and the increase in overall comfort and lack of backache in the morning is remarkable...We look forward to many more relaxing nights aboard.

Jonathan F. - X-442


We have installed the Froli springs in our V-berth, and we are pleased to tell you that we had the best night's sleep ever...They were easy to install and we were able to configure them in a way to allow us to be able to access the storage area under the berth...We were able to adjust the springs to be extra firm down the middle...Now we have no more crease in the middle of our berth... Thank you so very much for carrying such a wonderful product that actually does what you said it would do.

E&L L. - Hunter 35.5


Hi...just a quick note .. we are cruising superior lake this summer and are currently in the North Channel .. the system is fantastic... hope you make it to the boat show.

Brian S. - Whitby 42 "Pilgrim"


Bob and I installed our FROLI sleep system last month and we're enjoying how much better we feel in the mornings after sleeping on the boat. Thank you for a great product.

Bob & Joyce M. - Dufour 36


What a wonderful product...we installed the Froli Saturday afternoon, it took less than an hour and a half from opening the box to finished bunk, and had a great night's sleep Saturday night...Since we are "people of substance" we used the tightest spacing and it worked like a charm...Our old bunk mattresses had an unfortunate sag to the interior of the bunk so all we did was use the little red tighteners on that edge and it solved the problem.

Hannah G. - Whitby 42


I got it home and put together in under an hour, it is very simple to do... we have been sleeping on it for a week now on our boat, and we are very pleased with it...We recently bought good quality foam for our cushion, but the Froli system makes it feel like a real bed with a boxspring!...this is a must-have for a good night's sleep on the boat...It just makes it that much more comfortable...The fact that it also allows airflow under the cushion means a longer life expectancy for the cushions...I know people who have had mattresses custom made for the boat, but good foam and Froli will be less expensive and more practical in the long run, and just as comfortable.

Lynn K.