Sleep System Buying Guide

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Which package is right for me?

We will be happy to determine your requirements and provide guidance for choosing the product that's right for you. You may also describe the shape of your bed and submit the dimensions via our contact page and we will get in touch with you.


Below are our most popular packages:


Generally, a "standard size" V-Berth can be fitted with the following combination of FROLI Travel packages:

One FROLI Travel Bed in the Box package,

One FROLI Travel Expansion Pack, full sized elements,

One FROLI Travel Expansion Pack of the half-sized elements.


For $279.00, this is our most popular package, the FROLI Travel V-Berth Package Regular in our Online Shop, and covers an area of appr. 22 sq. ft. We use a medium spacing and approximate V-Berth dimensions of 16" wide at the narrow end, 6' wide at the shoulders, and about 6' 6" long down the middle.


For outfitting a larger V-Berth of appr. 26 sq. ft., we add an extra Expansion Pack, or simply order the FROLI Travel V-Berth Package Large for $329.00 in our Online Shop.


Any "odd" shaped beds:

Here it's best to obtain the quantity of FROLI Travel elements needed with a template (click the links below to download). Or just contact us, we might even have your boat in our database already.


The rectangular bed:

Here, the choice is yours, FROLI Star or FROLI Travel? Personally, we like to recommend FROLI Star for a rectangular bed. Star elements are somewhat higher (1 3/4") than Travel (1 3/8") and offer more up and down flex which makes for a very comfortable bed.


For a Double bed

of appr. 54"x75", 28 sq. ft., choose either the FROLI Travel Double Bed Package for $329.00 or the Froli Star Double Bed Package for $319.00.


For a Queen size bed

measuring about 60"x80", or 33 sq. ft., select our FROLI Star Queen Bed Package for $399.00 in our Online Shop.





  1. FROLI Travel - Template
  2. FROLI Travel - Installation Instructions
  3. FROLI Star - Template
  4. FROLI Star - Installation Instructions


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