Questions and Answers


What is the difference between FROLI Star and FROLI Travel?

The differences are in the installed height and the size (surface area) of the elements themselves. Star springs are somewhat smaller in area, but constructed a little higher, resulting in more suspension range. Travel springs, however, are also available in half-sized elements and can be turned on their bases to better accommodate angled or curved bed shapes.


Which system should I get?

The shape of your bunk determines which system will work better for you. FROLI Star is better suited for rectangular or mostly straight-sided beds. FROLI Travel is preferable for use in v-berths and bunks with sharper angles or curves.


How many FROLI spring elements do I need?

One FROLI Star Bed in the Box package supplies enough spring elements to cover an area of approximately 16 sq. ft. and one FROLI Travel Bed in the Box package covers approximately 14.5 sq. ft. Additional elements are available as Expansion Packs in boxes of 12 elements ea. Please visit our buying guide for assistance.


How many do I need for my v-berth?

Generally, a v-berth can be outfitted with one Bed in the Box package and one Expansion Pack with regular sized springs, plus one Expansion Pack with the half sized springs. However, for a personalized fit, we offer templates as a guide to determine the quantity. Visit our buying guide for details.


What's this about the spacing?

The FROLI springs can be spaced narrow, medium, or wide. This helps determine the level of firmness. We recommend starting with the medium spacing. Narrow spacing results in a firmer surface and is recommended for persons weighing more than 200 lbs. The spacing can be varied over the area according to one's preference.


Do I need to get new cushions or a special mattress?

The FROLI Spring elements are placed underneath the existing cushion or mattress. We recommend using a cushion with a minimum thickness of 3-4 inches.


What if I have an innerspring mattress?

FROLI sleep systems are designed for use with foam or latex mattresses. FROLI elements in combination with innerspring mattresses will aid with moisture mitigation but offer reduced "feel" of the point-by-point support because of the existing mattress' springs.


How can I still access my storage area underneath the bunk?

The grid of spring elements does not need to be fastened together over the entire area. Separate sections can be created to allow easy access to lockers.


Is the FROLI system permanently attached?

No, the base elements with the springs on top are simply placed under the cushion. Permanently attaching them is not necessary unless one chooses to do so.


Does the system make any noise?

Generally, not at all. However, if the base of your cushion is vinyl, there might be some squeaking noises because of friction between the spring elements and the vinyl fabric. This is alleviated by placing a fabric buffer between springs and mattress.


Is there a warranty?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee in addition to the manufacturer's 2-year warranty.


Please contact us with any additional questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.